Intelligence of Chinchillas

Believe it or not, they love books! Here’s Whiskey, “reading” ..

Hmm... interesting!

and here’s Yuffie, appreciating a page from the book..


These happens before the baby and all the baby chins. I was trying to bond with them during their playtime. So, I brought the book and release them into the empty room of our old apartment. They were, naturally more interested in the book than me! 😀

I do sometimes wonder how intelligent are the Chinchillas, particularly mine. Both are perfectly pee trained, and would use their litter box to pee without fail. However for poop, they’re all over the cage! I have to sweep their cage daily otherwise, I get disapproving, grumpy faces from them!

There's poop everywhere! I don't like!

For rodents, they’re such clean freaks. Both won’t lie down anywhere near the poops. Can’t really blame them though.

There's a poop on my wheel. I can't use it.

Yuffie’s pretty Diva when it comes to cleanliness. I guess it’s a girl thing 😀

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Hello? *Knock-knock*

I am so guilt stricken! This blog has been like an abandoned house. Hopefully it’s not haunted! :S A very big THANK YOU to those who drop by sometimes. I’m so touched to see the blogstat is not a flat line.

Funny thing is every time I sit down to write something, I am ALWAYS interrupted. Now, I solemnly vow… *ahem* to blog at LEAST once a week on the furries. So much has happened since the last quickie update. We have a human baby now. Last year 2010 has been hell of a ride for me. Hopefully this year will be better.

For starters, here’s Trinity Jade Lim, our new precious love :

Goshhhh it’s been so long, that I’ve forgotten how to post a picture  -_-~ Owhh right .. here she is, my mini human! 😀 *loves*

She loves it when mommy talks like cartoon! -_-~


Here are the furries:

These are the pictures taken some time back when we just moved into our new place. This is where the buns are introduced to the concept of outdoor playtime, birthdays and parenthood… for Whiskey & Yuffie. Below are some sneak preview of their first baby, Brandy Swing.

Tridus :

I can run freely? Really???

Tinga :


Dis ribbon pretty on me? Really??

Whiskey :

I'm a Daddy now!

Yuffie :

Can you see her? Her tiny lil tail?

These are just some teasers, especially on Yuffie’s part. That girl has been mommy to 3 baby chins! More on that later.

I will start from where I stopped last time. Meaning, I will write first on the happenings of 2010 with occasional up-to-date post of the current time. I know i’m not making any sense. But what the heck.. at least I start somewhere…

*pat-pat -own shoulder* 😛

Enjoy the pixies.. more to come 😉

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We’re still alive!!!!

It’s been so long since this blog is updated. Things has been extremely hectic for the humans and furries alike. We’ve all been living in a roller-coaster world since Furry Slumberland. This is quite bad coz it’s as if the furries went into slumber and didn’t wake up! *touchwood* They did…  don’t worry. No harm came upon them while they’re in slumber. Just a quick update, among the things that happened since the last post was :-

1) The furfurries have moved to a new place. They have an outdoor playground now. Only for the buns tho 😉

2) Tinga celebrated her first birthday in the new place. All furries are trying their level best adapting. More treats later 🙂

3) Yuffie gave birth TWICE … resulting in 3 baby chinchillas fathered by Whiskey. The first time she gave birth, it was a girl chin – Brandy Swing. Second time was to a pair of fraternal twins. 😀 I know …. darn cute! Alpha Romeo & Echo but judging from the size, we’re pretty sure Echo come out first ;). Believe it or not it’s all unintentional and accidental. I know … BAD! But the babies are cute as buttons and sweets and everything nice! So it’s a wonderful surprise and in a way a blessing in disguise.

4) Whiskey has his own crib now as there’s no more intention of breeding Yuffie in the near future. Yes, he’s bored sometimes but hey.. good news is, he’s bonded to me now. He practically owns my shoulder/laps/earlobe during playtime and he barks for my attention when he’s bored! 😀 More on that story later.

5) Furfurries have our first hand experience at bunsitting for Bugsy & Truffles when the Chestnuts went back hometown to celebrate Hari Raya in September 2009. It was fun…. well at least on my part. 😀

6) The humans, however, have had quite a rough journey. Too many things to do with too little time!!!. But that’s the human’s worry… Furries are adjusting well.

7) I forgot my account password while trying to log in to blog few weeks ago. Since you’re reading this, all’s good 😉

All said and done, it’s 9 days to Christmas! The furries will experience for the very first time, being furry sit by the Chestnuts for X’mas. Its a favour trade 😉 Well, at least first time for Tinga, Whiskey, Yuffie and her babies. Tridus has been bunsat before by Furrybutts. I’ll try to post some pix before I go off on my holidays. 😀

In case I get too tied up to blog, Merry X’mas & Happy New Year 2010 in advance !!!

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Furry Slumberland

One of the most unimportant, common things that my furries did all the time was to flop lazily on the tiles, in and/or outside of the playpen/cage, snoozing the hot sunny afternoon away, while totally oblivious to their unique cuteness in doing so.

Let us look at Whiskey & Yuffie first, since much attention has been showered on the buns in the previous posts 😉


Here’s Whiskey :

Go away!!!

Go away!!!


Spot the killer gaze!! Whiskey can be quite grumpy when he’s sleepy. Extra grumps if the weather is ridiculously hot. 





I have to be extremely silent when taking this picture of him. I don’t want to risk being glared at disapprovingly for waking him up when the camera clicks. 


It's getting hot here too...

It's getting hot here too...


When the tiles gets too warm from his body heat, he will wiggle his butt away to another cooler spot to chill and sometimes if he’s not within our reach, he will continue his nap. He will also push along the fiddlestick to the cooler spot and lie down underneath it.


U can't see me...

U can't see me...


However, it’s not always that he’s guaranteed to find his comfortable position. when that happens, he will twist and turn underneath the fiddlestick until he is satisfied.
This is heaven.....



 Whiskey is rather demanding and hard to please. Always cautious and on guard. The fiddlestick acts as his security blanket whenever he naps. I love that sleeping position of his.. 🙂

cozy under fiddlestick 'blanket'

cozy under fiddlestick 'blanket'


Finally found his cool and comfy spot, complete with the security blanket.. off he scurries along entering dreamland…











Yuffie‘s next…


U called??

U called??


Yuffie knows how to answer to her name already 😀 or maybe i’m just sensitive. Whenever I called her name, she will turn to my direction. I’m concluding that either she recognises her name or she just love the sound of my voice… *ahem*


Entering dreamland..

Entering dreamland..


Unlike Whiskey, Yuffie isn’t that fussy. As long as any part of her body touches a cool surface, she’ll close her eyes and doze off..




and will remain in that position until her royal tummy grumbles..
I'm a sleepy 'snake'..

I'm a sleepy 'snake'..

Yuffie can sleep with or without the fiddlestick. She’s having a mild identity crisis there. At times, she will just plop on the tiles like that, all paws safely tucked under her body. She’s very ‘snakelike’ (is there such a word?) when she stretches and licks her nose at the same time. 😀
raizin....mmm .. *chew-chew*

raizin....mmm .. *chew-chew*

Of course, she sleeps more soundly and dreams better with fiddlestick as her blankie.
And now….   *whisper: We must tiptoe gently to check out the Dead Bunny Flops (DBF) demonstrated exclusively for your pleasure by Tridus & Tinga.*   Ready??
The bunnies flop anytime and anywhere within the perimeter. In the playpen if we’re not around. Unlike Whiskey & Yuffie, they don’t need the fiddlestick as their security blanket.
Tinga's signature flop

Tinga's signature flop

#1.  Head arched towards the back exposing the extra fluffy dewlap;
#2.  Ears pointed seductively in any favourable direction;
3#.  Paws and hindlegs crossed as a lady should; 
#4.  Tail is always tucked and relaxed in that position. 
and that’s how a ladybun should flops. 😀
Paws crossed in a very ladylike manner...

Paws crossed in a very ladylike manner...

#5. This is optional.. to add more aura to the charm, give bunny kissies generously. 
Tinga, effortlessly demonstrates with her bunny mouf showing a tiny bit of her lady teef and mild twitching of her royal pink nosh *loves*
You must be wondering why my spelling for certain words is off… well… I can’t help it… she makes me wanna talk cute!!
Its funny how ladylike she looks when she sleeps because she’s a total opposite when she’s awake!  Still cute nevertheless… 😀
Upnext, we have our very manly Tridus flop.
That's the marking, not his eyes :D

Markings of a manly bun..

Our first experience with DBF comes from Tridus. It was so cute it sent furry tingles deep into our heart!!!! I can’t even describe the cuteness we felt at that time with words. He’s the most relaxed furry among all, as we can pet him, play with his ear and whiskers while he flops and he will continue napping with occassional purrs. The trust he placed on us….is simply PRICELESS!!! 
Manly snooze..

Manly snooze..

And…..he’sh got the cutesht bunny mouf and nosh too… *kisshiesh* 



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How Well Do You Know Your Husband?

We’ve been tagged by The Fluffies to answer this questionaire. Thank you, S. We are very much tickled. Since S is not married, she tweaked the question from:
 How Well Do You Know Your Husband to How Well Do You Know Your House-Bun! How very creative… 😀
She, then have the cheek to twist it back to the original version because yours truly is married!.!
I’m gonna do an even better version.

I will do both..  How Well Do You Know Your Husband AND House-bun(s)?

How’s that sound? Ok, here goes:

The participants :

#1 : 

Half drunk smile :D


 #2 & #3:

Tinga's crimping me!


1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Husband       : Depending on the time, If something caught his interest, it’s staying on the screen.
House-Buns : Doesn’t matter as long as they get to chill in between the pillows.

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Husband       : Thousand Island 
House-Buns : No dressing, prefer their salad nude, in their original form.

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
Husband       : Celery
House-Buns : Carrots. It’s REAL… Believe it!

4. You got out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Husband       : Depending on the venue & the menu.
House-Buns : Doesn’t need to go out for food. Food appears even without ordering.

5. Where did he go to high school?
Husband       : In our home state, Penang.
House-Buns : It’s not a requirement for them to attend any school.

6. What size shoes does he wear?
Husband       : Size 7/8.
House-Buns : Shoes are frowned upon for Bunnies.

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
Husband       : Money. hahahah 😛
House-Buns : Raisins, maybe rolled oats, if they could refrain themselves from finishing first.

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Husband       : Tuna sandwich
House-Buns : Fruit & Vege sandwich

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
Husband       : Tepanyaki from Sakae Sushi
House-Buns : Bananas & Raisins

10. What is his favorite cereal?
Husband       : Doesn’t like cereal
House-Buns : Doesn’t matter.

11. What would he never wear?
Husband       : Skirt / Dresses. *hahahahahaha*
House-Buns : Anything

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Husband        : Doesn’t practice favouritism over sports.
House-Buns : Doesn’t care what is sports.

13. Who did he vote for?
Husband        : I’m not telling.
House-Buns : Treat time.

14. Who is his best friend?
Husband        : Me
House-Buns : Each other 🙂

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Husband        : Snore?
House-Buns : Spay / Neuter

16. What is his heritage?
Husband       : Chinese
House-Buns : Holland Lop

17. What is his favorite colour?
Husband       : Silver
House-Buns : Both loves red

18. What is his habit?
Husband : Smoking 😦 and excessive amount of time spent on computer games!
Tridus      : Spoiling Tinga
Tinga        : Pee & Poo on the floor when she’s too lazy to hop onto the litter box :S

19. What is he proud of?
Husband       : His accomplishments so far.
House-Buns : Successfully manipulating the humans into giving them treats.

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
Husband       : Definitely will read this and I’ll probably die in my sleep tonite. LOLz 😛
House-Buns : I wish they could read!

There we go… I’ve answered it to the best of my ability. Hope you’ve had some fun reading my answers.

And now…We’re gonna tag…….. *drumrolls*………….the one and only………. FURRYBUTTS……. *clap-clap-clap* 😀

Now SB will have the options to either do :

1) How Well Do You Know Your Husband? ; OR
2) How Well Do You Know Your Husband and House-Bun(s)?

 Have Fun!!! 😉


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My Eye Candy

Here’s some eye candy  to make Mondays bearable 🙂

DSC02399 (Large)

Look into my eyes..

You will see, how charming I can be.
That's as far as my paw can go...

If only I could stretch further...

I’ll swat your camera like a fly. 😛
The fiddlestick is rather new, and both of them loves taking turns to chill in it.
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TAG! You’re IT!

We’ve been tagged by both Furrybutts & The Fluffies .. We are very much tickled! 😀

The rules are :

* Tag and link back to the person who tagged you.
* List 6 (un)important things that make you happy.
* Tag 6 bloggers and let them know they’re “it”. We all feel this blogging community to be one of inclusion and friendship.

Here’s my list of unimportant happy things:

1) Waking up to furry cuddles every morning.

2) The feel of morning breeze on my cheek every morning before I leave for work.

3) Visit to massage chair to de-stress during the day.

4)  Having 4 flavours of ice-cream in one session. yumzzz~

5) Dipping in the pool on a hot sunny day to cool off.

6) Watching my furries flop. Each have their own flopping position that they’re comfy with.


I’m tagging Tru-Luv Rabbitry this time. 🙂

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