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TAG! You’re IT!

We’ve been tagged by both Furrybutts & The Fluffies .. We are very much tickled! 😀 The rules are : * Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. * List 6 (un)important things that make you happy. … Continue reading

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Fully Recovered!

Tinga has fully recovered and is now fit as a fiddle! After the last post, I let Tridus accompany Tinga in her recovery area since her smaller litter box doesn’t require her to jump.  I put Tridus’s food bowl and … Continue reading

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Road to Recovery

It has been 5 days after Tinga’s surgery and she is healing superbly! The incision on her belly is healing beautifully. No signs of infection and the belly fur is starting to grow back. There’s no visible stitches and she’s back to normal already… as if nothing has … Continue reading

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Neno’s Award

Another award from Lazzybunny!! Thanks again kak 😀  I love blogging because I think I’m starting to get addicted to it. 😀 Blogging allows me to share my passion for furry creatures with my friends. I love this artistic & … Continue reading

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Tinga’s visit to the Vets

Tinga was due for her spay 4 months ago. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, her spay was delayed up to now. It just seems like she’s not meant to be spayed at that time as something ALWAYS came up … Continue reading

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Shades of Tinga

Tinga is a Broken Siamese Sable Holland Lop. There are various colours on her coat which makes her very colourful  compared to Tridus.  How many colours can you identify? All the shades of chocolate for a lovely doe? 😀 

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The Life is Grand Award

This is FurFurries first ever award – Life Is Grand courtesy of Lazzybunnies. Thank you, Kak.. 🙂 The ‘Life is Grand’ Award comes with these rules: i) Give 5 reasons why you think life is grand; ii) Pass it on … Continue reading

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