We’re still alive!!!!

It’s been so long since this blog is updated. Things has been extremely hectic for the humans and furries alike. We’ve all been living in a roller-coaster world since Furry Slumberland. This is quite bad coz it’s as if the furries went into slumber and didn’t wake up! *touchwood* They did…  don’t worry. No harm came upon them while they’re in slumber. Just a quick update, among the things that happened since the last post was :-

1) The furfurries have moved to a new place. They have an outdoor playground now. Only for the buns tho 😉

2) Tinga celebrated her first birthday in the new place. All furries are trying their level best adapting. More treats later 🙂

3) Yuffie gave birth TWICE … resulting in 3 baby chinchillas fathered by Whiskey. The first time she gave birth, it was a girl chin – Brandy Swing. Second time was to a pair of fraternal twins. 😀 I know …. darn cute! Alpha Romeo & Echo but judging from the size, we’re pretty sure Echo come out first ;). Believe it or not it’s all unintentional and accidental. I know … BAD! But the babies are cute as buttons and sweets and everything nice! So it’s a wonderful surprise and in a way a blessing in disguise.

4) Whiskey has his own crib now as there’s no more intention of breeding Yuffie in the near future. Yes, he’s bored sometimes but hey.. good news is, he’s bonded to me now. He practically owns my shoulder/laps/earlobe during playtime and he barks for my attention when he’s bored! 😀 More on that story later.

5) Furfurries have our first hand experience at bunsitting for Bugsy & Truffles when the Chestnuts went back hometown to celebrate Hari Raya in September 2009. It was fun…. well at least on my part. 😀

6) The humans, however, have had quite a rough journey. Too many things to do with too little time!!!. But that’s the human’s worry… Furries are adjusting well.

7) I forgot my account password while trying to log in to blog few weeks ago. Since you’re reading this, all’s good 😉

All said and done, it’s 9 days to Christmas! The furries will experience for the very first time, being furry sit by the Chestnuts for X’mas. Its a favour trade 😉 Well, at least first time for Tinga, Whiskey, Yuffie and her babies. Tridus has been bunsat before by Furrybutts. I’ll try to post some pix before I go off on my holidays. 😀

In case I get too tied up to blog, Merry X’mas & Happy New Year 2010 in advance !!!

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4 Responses to We’re still alive!!!!

  1. furrybutts says:

    Hey good to see a new post!! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you, TJ and all furries big and small!!

    P/S: You need to post pictures!! It’s cruel to talk about all these cute critters (esp baby chins!!) and not let us have a look at them :p

  2. Yes..thanks for the bun-sitting during Hari Raya…and we love having your furries here too…T&T very inspiring and now Truff and Muff are living in one cage as well! And they are once loving couple too! awww…wink2..
    can’t wait for bugsy’s turn!

    Hope your furries are doin’ great!

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