Hello? *Knock-knock*

I am so guilt stricken! This blog has been like an abandoned house. Hopefully it’s not haunted! :S A very big THANK YOU to those who drop by sometimes. I’m so touched to see the blogstat is not a flat line.

Funny thing is every time I sit down to write something, I am ALWAYS interrupted. Now, I solemnly vow… *ahem* to blog at LEAST once a week on the furries. So much has happened since the last quickie update. We have a human baby now. Last year 2010 has been hell of a ride for me. Hopefully this year will be better.

For starters, here’s Trinity Jade Lim, our new precious love :

Goshhhh it’s been so long, that I’ve forgotten how to post a picture  -_-~ Owhh right .. here she is, my mini human! 😀 *loves*

She loves it when mommy talks like cartoon! -_-~


Here are the furries:

These are the pictures taken some time back when we just moved into our new place. This is where the buns are introduced to the concept of outdoor playtime, birthdays and parenthood… for Whiskey & Yuffie. Below are some sneak preview of their first baby, Brandy Swing.

Tridus :

I can run freely? Really???

Tinga :


Dis ribbon pretty on me? Really??

Whiskey :

I'm a Daddy now!

Yuffie :

Can you see her? Her tiny lil tail?

These are just some teasers, especially on Yuffie’s part. That girl has been mommy to 3 baby chins! More on that later.

I will start from where I stopped last time. Meaning, I will write first on the happenings of 2010 with occasional up-to-date post of the current time. I know i’m not making any sense. But what the heck.. at least I start somewhere…

*pat-pat -own shoulder* 😛

Enjoy the pixies.. more to come 😉

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