Intelligence of Chinchillas

Believe it or not, they love books! Here’s Whiskey, “reading” ..

Hmm... interesting!

and here’s Yuffie, appreciating a page from the book..


These happens before the baby and all the baby chins. I was trying to bond with them during their playtime. So, I brought the book and release them into the empty room of our old apartment. They were, naturally more interested in the book than me! 😀

I do sometimes wonder how intelligent are the Chinchillas, particularly mine. Both are perfectly pee trained, and would use their litter box to pee without fail. However for poop, they’re all over the cage! I have to sweep their cage daily otherwise, I get disapproving, grumpy faces from them!

There's poop everywhere! I don't like!

For rodents, they’re such clean freaks. Both won’t lie down anywhere near the poops. Can’t really blame them though.

There's a poop on my wheel. I can't use it.

Yuffie’s pretty Diva when it comes to cleanliness. I guess it’s a girl thing 😀

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  1. thefluffies says:

    Hey, u’re updating… !

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