I am extremely fond of furry things since young, from soft, furry teddy bears to soft, furry animals. My first furry was a spitz mix which I called Tracy. I was 12 when Tracy was adopted and she left for Rainbow Bridge 6 years later due to old age. I did not have any furries until last year, which is quite a long gap considering my fondness for furry things. During the gap however, I collected loads of soft, furry teddy bears of all kinds of shapes and sizes which in turn, collected dust! No doubt, teddy bears cannot be put in comparison to furry pets, which can interact.

The first furry of my choice is a bunny of a Holland Lop breed, followed by another bunny of the same breed. After these furry bunnies, I got myself a pair of soft, velvety furry sugar gliders, which, sadly have also left for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Yes, I lost them to a family of cats… but that is a story for another day. Finally, the latest addition to my furries will be a pair of ….. soft… yes….. furry…. yes…. *drum rolls* ….. CHINCHILLAS!

I’m so thrilled by this latest addition as Chinchillas are known to have extremely soft fur which are made into fur coats. Yes… that is absolutely sick but that alone already put the picture in our mind of how the chinchillas fur must have felt like. They were bred in captivity and their fur was harvested for the fashion industry. *uh huh… yuck*

Alright, that’s about all for the mild introduction of my furries… here’s some pictures of them for start. 🙂



This is Tridus, my first bunny. Don’t let his look fool you. He does a very natural dissapproving bunny look but in actual fact, he is a very sweet natured and gentle bun.

I'm Tinga.. :)

I'm Tinga.. 🙂


This girl on the other hand, is the aggressive warrior princess. Don’t let her sweet face fool you either. She thumps and honks when she’s not pleased!



These are my beloved and deeply missed sugar gliders, Hanky & Panky. They were with me only for a very short period of time. Both left for Rainbow Bridge on the same fateful day.

Oats for me?

Oats for me?

 This is Whiskey.  He’s one energetic chin and does a wicked ‘chinky’ (chinchilla binky.. :D).  

I don't feel like running on the wheel right now...

I don't feel like running on the wheel right now...

 This is the fair & lovely Yuffie. She reminds me of the The Brain in ‘Pinky & The Brain’ of Animaniacs.. can you guys see a striking similarity?? Like Whiskey, she is only with us a few days but already showing the diva potential.

That’s all for now…Thanks for dropping by… hope you enjoy getting to know my furry friends. Do come back for more cuteness!!!  Have a great day! 😀


6 Responses to About

  1. Hurry Up…Start Writing already….


  2. thefluffies says:

    Wow! Chins!!!!
    I love the photos of T & T! They’re cute *kiss kiss*

    Hey, faster upload more stories n photos!

  3. lazybunnys says:

    hey.. I love The Pinky and The brain..

    The Pinky, The Pinky and the brain ..brain ..brain…brain…brainnnn

    hehehe…. theme song

    ya lah… faster write the post
    and tell me how come the Suggies RIP..

  4. furrybutts says:

    It’s about time this blog got set up!! :p :p

    Now we need regular updates!

  5. furfurries says:

    Tru-Luv Rabbitry : Started d… 🙂
    Fluffies : Patience is a virtue…..
    Lazzybunny : i super love animaniacs! will post about the gliders in due time 😉
    Furrybutts: i will try my level best to update as regularly as u.. ok 😀

  6. thefluffies says:

    Cant wait! No patience! *thump from shiro*

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