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Intelligence of Chinchillas

Believe it or not, they love books! Here’s Whiskey, “reading” .. and here’s Yuffie, appreciating a page from the book.. These happens before the baby and all the baby chins. I was trying to bond with them during their playtime. … Continue reading

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Hello? *Knock-knock*

I am so guilt stricken! This blog has been like an abandoned house. Hopefully it’s not haunted! :S A very big THANK YOU to those who drop by sometimes. I’m so touched to see the blogstat is not a flat … Continue reading

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We’re still alive!!!!

It’s been so long since this blog is updated. Things has been extremely hectic for the humans and furries alike. We’ve all been living in a roller-coaster world since Furry Slumberland. This is quite bad coz it’s as if the … Continue reading

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Furry Slumberland

One of the most unimportant, common things that my furries did all the time was to flop lazily on the tiles, in and/or outside of the playpen/cage, snoozing the hot sunny afternoon away, while totally oblivious to their unique cuteness in … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Your Husband?

We’ve been tagged by The Fluffies to answer this questionaire. Thank you, S. We are very much tickled. Since S is not married, she tweaked the question from:  How Well Do You Know Your Husband to How Well Do You Know Your … Continue reading

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My Eye Candy

Here’s some eye candy  to make Mondays bearable 🙂 You will see, how charming I can be. I’ll swat your camera like a fly. 😛 The fiddlestick is rather new, and both of them loves taking turns to chill in it.

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TAG! You’re IT!

We’ve been tagged by both Furrybutts & The Fluffies .. We are very much tickled! 😀 The rules are : * Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. * List 6 (un)important things that make you happy. … Continue reading

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