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Furry Slumberland

One of the most unimportant, common things that my furries did all the time was to flop lazily on the tiles, in and/or outside of the playpen/cage, snoozing the hot sunny afternoon away, while totally oblivious to their unique cuteness in … Continue reading

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My Eye Candy

Here’s some eye candy  to make Mondays bearable 🙂 You will see, how charming I can be. I’ll swat your camera like a fly. 😛 The fiddlestick is rather new, and both of them loves taking turns to chill in it.

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Fully Recovered!

Tinga has fully recovered and is now fit as a fiddle! After the last post, I let Tridus accompany Tinga in her recovery area since her smaller litter box doesn’t require her to jump.  I put Tridus’s food bowl and … Continue reading

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Road to Recovery

It has been 5 days after Tinga’s surgery and she is healing superbly! The incision on her belly is healing beautifully. No signs of infection and the belly fur is starting to grow back. There’s no visible stitches and she’s back to normal already… as if nothing has … Continue reading

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Tinga’s visit to the Vets

Tinga was due for her spay 4 months ago. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, her spay was delayed up to now. It just seems like she’s not meant to be spayed at that time as something ALWAYS came up … Continue reading

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Play Date

A date was set for playtime as an attempt to introduce Whiskey & Yuffie to Tridus & Tinga. Yuffie, as usual was all curious about Tridus & Tinga and went all out to find out more about them.  Yuffie made her introduction and … Continue reading

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Treats for the bunnies

Over the weekends, Tridus & Tinga are treated to some salad & fruit treats consists of celery, pea sprouts, bok choy and some papaya cubes. Hmm… sounds so healthy, I should be eating more of that! 😀 Tinga was first to hop on … Continue reading

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